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3D Rendering

Create the perfect visual impression, engage your customers and turn your vision into reality.


Today, the success of a new development/project, whether it’s a residential or commercial building, often takes place before its construction. This results in a precisely thought out campaign which communicates its value for future customers, which the developer has yet to create.

It is therefore very important that the project is presented in the best possible light. First we generate interest in the circle of potential customers, evoking in them a feeling of confidence in the project and making an emotional impression.

We at LuxQue have strategically put together our services in a way that can help our clients present their vision and provide future customers the ability to access as-of-yet unrealized space, introducing them to its appearance and use.

We believe that a good impression should present itself professionally, aesthetically and photorealistically, by displaying the future in a faithfully communicating space and by depicting a story that captivates. In other words, it must capture your heart and evoke emotions-the keys to the greatest marketing tools.

We have in our disposition a technology that not only communicates how the space will look, but also allows the user to walk through a three-dimensional space as seen through virtual reality. This opens the possibility for our clients to completely revolutionize their presentation, which translates to a huge market advantage.

Whether it’s for a commercial or residential building, our team graphic designers at LuxQue will help you create a worthy presentation. We offer the complete services to gain advantage over your competitors and turn your vision into reality.

Create the right impression


Present yourself in the best light and instill in your customers an unbreachable confidence in your vision.

Requirements expressed by our clients always vary. However, no matter the project, the client always receives an effective solution. Using computer graphics, we can create a truly riveting presentation that will grab your customer’s heart.



The room is presented in the form of still images or 360-degree panoramas. Photorealistic 3D visualization accurately captures all objects, their dimensions, and the materials used, therefore creating an accurate representation of what the room will actually look like



Just like realistic 3D visualization, animation enables the presentation of space in motion, which is accompanied with sound effects or music. We can therefore create a dynamic atmosphere, deepening the experience and resulting effect which the clients will be able to perceive.


Virtual Reality

The highest level of presentation that utilizes special glasses is provided by a brand called Oculus Rift, which, when adorned, transfers the individual into a virtual space. By offering a truly three-dimensional view of the area, the glasses provide an unparalleled viewing experience that truly transports the wearer into the space itself.


You won’t believe they’re not real


We place a great emphasis on the quality of our visuals, and strive to make them indistinguishable from reality.


The future of sales, available today


Build your marketing campaign on firm foundations to maximize your return on investment.

With us, it’ll truly be easy. We’ll prepare a complete graphic solution, from which you’ll have the ideal position to sell your vision even before you begin construction. Using the latest technology in virtual reality and computer graphics, you can create an effect which your customers simply cannot resist.

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